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In mid-July 2012, I flew out to Phoenix for 5 days to capture some photos of those incredible Arizona monsoonal thunderstorms. My friend Denise joined me for a few days as I headed out to Wickenburg. We saw some good storms but we didn’t capture any quality pics. We drove east back towards Phoenix and continued out to the town of Globe to catch another storm… still no luck of a good photo.

On the day before I was to fly back home I was in Phoenix sitting in a Starbucks checking out the radar… there was a small thunderstorm popping up in Tucson. I got in the car and headed south. Luckily, I caught up with the storm just as it was passing directly over Tucson. I parked up in the foothills of Mt Lemon and snapped well over a 100 shots… the following 4 were the best.

All in all, a fun trip!

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My favorite pic from the trip was snapped at dusk in the foothills above Tucson:

3 Bolts over Tucson

3 Bolts over Tucson

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A few more taken while looking down over Tucson:

Single Bolt 2 Bolts Another 2 Bolts

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Can you spot this little guy?


If not, here’s a hint thanks to a black light: