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Drove through Paducah, Kentucky and then through St. Louis to arrive at my hotel in Sweet Springs. Nothing too eventful… minus a stray horse roaming down the median of a 4 lane highway bringing traffic to a halt and wanna-be horse whisperers out of their cars to help with the rescue efforts!

Tomorrow is Omaha for some potential storm chasing… but not expecting anything severe to develop.

Miles: 485

Irvin S. Cobb Bridge runs over the Ohio river.

Irvin S. Cobb Bridge in Paducah crosses the Ohio river

The new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge in St Louis guides me over the Mississippi

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Went out to Kentucky Lake once more with Mike and his friend. The bite was definitely slower than yesterday but managed to pull in a nice largemouth. Fun was had by all for sure!

Oh yeah, had a pound of smoked baby back ribs on the way home… some of the best ribs I’ve ever had. Gotta love the incredible bbq that those side-of-the-road shacks (that you’d never stop at unless they come with a friend’s recommendation) serve up!

Fish: 4, Lost Lures: 2

Miles: 30


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Had a great time out on the water today at Kentucky Lake (one of the top rated bass lakes in the country). Caught a bunch of largemouth and learned a few new things… but mostly it was fun being with Mike, learning from him, and just enjoying the time out on the water. Yeah, there are some big fish in this state!

Also stopped by a fundraiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank… they had quite the selection of local restaurants who provided samples of their menus… There were some incredible dishes for sure!

Fish: 6

Miles: 30

Mike's nice largemouth

Mike’s nice largemouth

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Today was simply a driving day as I was headed to Nashville to see a few friends and to get some quality  Tennessee bass fishing in! The highlight of the the 10 hour journey? Yep, you guessed it! Stopped at another Bass Pro. At least this time the store was in a state I’ve never visited – Arkansas.

Miles: 695

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No storms = Fishing

Fish: 0, Broken Rod Tips: 1

Miles: 68

Bass Pro Dallas

Ugh, couldn’t resist stopping.

Ducklings, Dallas

Not as exciting as a supercell thunderstorm, but that’s a lot of ducklings.

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The trip begins!

I flew into Dallas late last night so I could get hit the road early. South-eastern Oklahoma was the target. The storms fired early and lasted throughout the evening but nothing severe to speak of… just a long line of precip ahead of a cold front which stretched from Texas to Wisconsin. Still made for a fun day.

Miles: 312

Heading north at 11:45a

Heading north at 11:45a

A few Apples a day...

A few Apples a day…

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