24. May 2014 · Comments Off on Day 13: New Mexico & Western Texas · Categories: Great Plains 2014

Today I started out in Hobbs, NM. Since I was close by I did a quick trip over to Carlsbad to see the caverns in the morning. A welcome break.

Come 1p I was back on the road to catch up with some storms in western Texas. There were a lot of storms but nothing was organized and worth spending much time on. So I took a nap in the car for an hour and then headed over to some very strong cells further east. These had tornado warnings on ’em. Thank you, Texas, for the 80mph speed limit on some of your roads!

I caught up with those cells but the sun was setting in a few hours… had limited time. One storm looked really good and probably had a funnel cloud but I couldn’t get to it in time. Today’s hopes were pinned on the last remaining cells. One had a wall cloud but was rain wrapped. It’s entirely possible there was a funnel but wouldn’t have been able to see it. So I ended the day trying to snap a few shots of lightning.

Miles: 558

Unfortunately this was the best pic I took! :)

Unfortunately this was the best pic I took! 🙂

Shelf cloud

Shelf cloud

Under the base showing a possible hail shaft

Under the base showing a rain and hail shaft