19. August 2017 · Comments Off on August 19: Nebraska · Categories: Great Plains 2017

It’s the Great American Eclipse weekend and a trip was planned to drive across Nebraska and South Dakota to chase storms and view the solar event. Sunday was supposed to be the chase day but turns out that Saturday was the event!

While on route to Kearney, our target for the nights’ sleep, there were two nice but somewhat disorganized cells a few hours’ drive north. Thinking the day was a complete bust the northernmost cell became tor warned. Then a third cell southwest of the first two started showing a slight hint of rotation. That prompted us to start chase.

We caught up with the storms at Taylor. We had a perfect view of the cell which now showed impressive velocities (135kts). Couldn’t believe how quickly it organized into one of the most beautiful supercells I’ve chased, let alone one that produced a cone-shaped tornado (that eventually became rain wrapped). There were multiple areas of rotation and for a brief period there may have been two tors.